Network video replaces legacy analog CCTV system

Parkmedia Audiovisual replaces its old analog CCTV system with an IP video system based on Axis products

“We decided to install an IP video system because it proved to be easier and quicker to install, since we already had an Ethernet network infrastructure in all the buildings of the park, and because it offered better image quality and higher performance than the analog system we were working with previously.“ Alfonso Piñeiro Costilla, Security Director of Parkmedia Audiovisual.


MediaPro is a group of companies dedicated to communications, providing services in the fields of advertising, cinematography, television and thematic channels. In 2005, the company acquired the facilities of Media Park in Sant Just Desvern, one of the most important audiovisual parks in southern Europe. This center was equipped with an analog CCTV system that provided very basic support to security personnel in monitoring the perimeter of the facilities. A large number of people enter the grounds of Media Park. As well as employees of the company, there are external workers for the assembly and disassembly of sets; sometimes there is an audience at the recording of programs, and the need to keep the facilities under surveillance is fundamental for the security department, because the possible risks are great when many people have temporary access to the facilities.


Parkmedia Audiovisual uses the latest technologies, and according to its resource optimization policy, it decided to update the video surveillance system. It contacted the company ElectroTel, which acted as a system integrator for the solution, and in view of the fact that the Media Park facilities already possess a network infrastructure, it considered that the use of IP cameras would be ideal. The Security Director of Media Pro and the integrator defined the different locations and the camera models appropriate for each location. The installation includes a total of 18 Axis network cameras.


Since their installation, no notable incidents have occurred and the level of satisfaction with the installed system is high.

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