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Kwik Trip convenience store chain uses Axis cameras for retail security and corporate quality control

“Because we focus our high resolution Axis cameras on a store’s high risk areas, they’ve helped us recoup losses and provide local police with sufficient detail to identify and apprehend suspects and their cohorts.” Brett Gooden, Director of Loss Prevention for Kwik Trip, Inc.


The Midwest-based convenience store chain, Kwik Trip, needs to protect itself against the same threats as many of its C-store competitors. In addition, Kwik Trip also manages its own bakery, commissary, dairy, and warehouse – producing, packing and shipping a wide variety of goods for all its stores 365 days a year. At the store level, the company wanted to install a high-resolution video surveillance system to help protect its thousands of employees and millions of customers, minimize theft and mitigate insurance claims. At the corporate level, they wanted to tighten quality control over food preparation, storage and distribution, as well as improve safety and security across its facilities.


Hunter Security & Surveillance Systems, a Greenville, WI-based integrator and Axis partner, devised a costsaving hybrid strategy that augmented the corporation’s existing analog cameras with AXIS P3301 Fixed Dome Network Cameras in high risk areas of its retail stores and outdoor AXIS P1343-E Network Cameras at its car washes. Hunter also deployed a full-IP strategy at the various corporate operations centers using a mixed-array of high resolution Axis fixed and PTZ network cameras running under the management of exacqVision video management system (VMS) software.


Axis cameras have not only provided forensic evidence of criminal activity but have assisted the company in maintaining high standards for food preparation and safety, reducing merchandise shrinkage and identifying and correcting inefficiencies in production and distribution.

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