Axis fully safeguards parking lot at Shuangliu International Airport, Chengdu


The parking lot in front of Terminal Building T2 of Shuangliu International Airport, Chengdu is the ground traffic center. It maintains a gross floor area of approximately 180,000 sq. meters, 9 different zones as well as 1,519 parking lots for cars, 84 parking lots for tourist buses, 288 parking lots for taxis, and 40 parking lots for public buses. In order to improve management efficiency and reinforce safety, the parking lot needed to deploy a new network video surveillance system. Taking into consideration the great many incoming and outgoing vehicles, people from both inside and outside, and safety and security issues, the front-end cameras were expected to provide HDTV images in a highly efficient and stable manner, to enable round-the-clock surveillance over the area, and work within the lighting and temperature conditions.


The solution was to offer the best price-performance ratio with the optimal design based on the specific situations of T2 plaza. The project was designed mainly on the basis of “high quality” and “high intelligence”. Axis’ fully digital network surveillance system was thus adopted to address the general layout of the T2 plaza and the actual situations on the site.


The new system uses a large number of Axis HDTV network cameras, with high quality images that help improve the visual management efficiency of the parking lot. Axis network cameras offer PoE/High PoE support. Only one cable is required for power and video transmission, and there is no need for separate control or power cables, thus reducing wiring costs by 70%. The surveillance solution provides the ability to fully address the users’ needs, fully providing a high-performance security solution.

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