Axis helps Nouméa airport move to IP

Axis cameras improve access to the Nouméa airport parking lot

“We only work with products from Axis Communications, because we know their reliability. With more than 100 cameras installed on the grounds, we have never received negative feedback. For this project, we worked in close collaboration with Axis and Aimetis to provide airport authorities with a robust project that meets all their needs.” François Ista, TID Solutions.


The principle hub for domestic flights in New Caledonia, Magenta airport, is located a few kilometers from Nouméa. After redevelopment in 2008, the free parking that was normally intended for public transportation was soon swamped with private passenger cars. After that, buses and taxis dropped off their passengers outside the airport zone. This meant they had to walk a few hundred meters.


The solution to this problem came in several stages. First came a parking lot for airport employees in 2012. Then came a zone reserved for public transit in 2013. In this zone, barriers and cameras were deployed to monitor the vehicles.


Two cameras watch the entrance to the lot. Connected to an intelligent system, they recognize the license plates of vehicles authorized to enter (buses and taxis). If a vehicle is authorized, the barriers open. “The simplicity of managing without shuttle services or access badges was indisputably a factor in choosing the solution. In addition, the cameras also allow us to perform video surveillance, which is useful if a driver does a hit and run on the barrier,” says Olivier Beal, head of the Office of Aeronautic Infrastructures, Department of Civil Aviation.

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