Axis network cameras: a cutting-edge learning resource

A group of students installs a video surveillance system in their education center

“I suggested that the senior staff should install Axis network video products. Since their implementation, the monitoring of recess and activities in outside areas in general is much more effective, and we’re very pleased with the quality of the cameras, the performance they offer and their optimal suitability.“ Pedro Rodríguez Santos, Teacher at Cuatro Caminos Institute of Secondary Education.


Learning to have good social interaction, apart from being one essential goal of education, constitutes one of the main challenges facing modern education systems. However, one of the most widely held beliefs among teachers is that there is a progressive increase in relationship difficulties in education centers and especially in secondary education. Although situations of conflict, discipline or bullying between students have always existed, they seem to have taken on greater importance in recent years due to what is known as disruption in the classroom. This phenomenon has a direct impact on the work and motivation of teachers, the classroom atmosphere and relations with their students, and requires specific intervention strategies.


Mindful of the impact that this situation could have on its center, the senior staff of the Cuatro Caminos Institute of Secondary Education decided to install a video surveillance system based on Axis PTZ network cameras that will have a deterrent effect on behavior and actions that have a negative impact on social interaction. The system, which meets the center’s budget, also serves as a successful part of learning.


Based on a suggestion by a teacher, students installed a video surveillance system that effectively helps to capture audiovisual information about what is going on in areas outside the center. Thanks to this solution, when incidents occur, the most appropriate corrective measures can be taken.

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