Austrian courts use Axis network cameras: Trials conducted efficiently with video recording

Five Austrian courts use Axis cameras to log hearings and transcribe questioning

“We’re more than satisfied with the video recording system at our court. This technical solution not only alleviates the lack of personnel, but it also opens up new, simple, easy-to-use options that greatly benefit all trial participants. Above all, it helps optimize the constitutionality of criminal proceedings, because every statement is recorded word for word. We’re excited to see what innovations are still to come in digital recording technology.” Dr. Wilhelm Tschugguel, president of Korneuburg District Court.


Not long ago, a court reporter had to be present at every trial in Austria to fully document the proceedings. However, some years ago, a reduction in permanent staff and a shortage of properly qualified people led to a lack of court reporters — even though it is mandatory that each trial be recorded. This led the Austrian Ministry of Justice to seek other options. In 2007, the Austrian justice ministry commissioned the Vienna company Ce2 to provide a stable, secure, easy-to-operate pilot installation with network cameras.


In five Austrian courts, trials are no longer recorded by court reporters, but by a solution involving networked camera technology from Axis Communications. The installation provides stable, fully secure video and sound recording that can be easily and reliably used for court reporting, and which is only transcribed as needed. Additionally, the technology allows transmission into other chambers or even live conference links for protected questioning or witness statements. This smart court solution is called MULTICON IVCS and provides all this using a Windows-based computer, a microphone and a network camera from the specialists at Axis in Sweden. The name reflects the solution’s most important features: IVCS stands for “Integrated Video Recording, Communication and Control System”.


The modern video recording solution gives the court in Korneuburg the option to record proceedings with video and sound and to use teleconferencing links to conduct them more efficiently — without regard to location. This helps the court stay in constant compliance with all constitutional regulations.

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