Axis for safety at the foot of Mount Etna

The Municipality of Nicolosi has chosen Axis network cameras for safeguarding its citizens and many tourists

“After having worked with Axis for over six years, we had no doubts as to what was the best solution for meeting the requirements of the Municipality of Nicolosi. Axis products are synonymous with reliability, safety and simplicity of installation.” Sebastiano Laudani, CEO of NETworkLAB.


After repeated episodes of petty crime and vandalism, the Commune of Nicolosi decided to install a video surveillance system to protect its historic city center and the area of greatest tourist attraction. A similar response became necessary for a residential area in rapid expansion and with few residents at home during the day.


Through regional co-financing, the historic city center is now video monitored by a digital system composed of eight Axis PTZ cameras, all connected to the same network. The first step in a broader project, the residential area has now been protected by six additional latestgeneration fixed cameras, positioned at the access points. Axis was chosen to fulfill this need for greater safety primarily because of the versatility of its cameras, as well as for the reliability of its products.


The excellent quality of Axis PTZ cameras provides the municipality’s data processing center with excellent high-resolution images of the historic city center, both day and night, and without any blind spots due to the possibility of 360° rotation. The cameras installed in the residential neighborhood also provide very high quality images in all lighting conditions thanks to an advanced iris control system.

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