Security with military precision from Axis Communications

King Fahd Security College provides a secured environment with Axis network cameras

“Only IP technology offers the reliability required, along with the possibility of integrating and expanding the system with new networking devices at any time and with ease, without interrupting continuous operation. The ability to connect the installations of several buildings using Internet, allowed remote operation from our central room.“ Colonel Abdul Rahman Bin Saad Althiab, Director of Security and Protection, King Fahd Security College.


Established in 1935, King Fahd Security College is a military educational institute which is part of the Saudi Ministry of the Interior. The college is located in eastern Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. The faculty’s mission is to educate and train students on safety and protection with the aim of ensuring the security and stability of the country. The officers are subsequently qualified to work in various national security institutions. King Fahd Security College therefore wanted to take the best preventative measures to ensure the security and integrity of the premises. It was a real challenge to identify the locations for the cameras and install them on the site due to the large number of buildings to be covered.


Based on the needs of the college and nature of the site, Castle International, an Axis partner in Saudi Arabia, designed and implemented the video surveillance solution. After the perusal of many models of Axis network cameras, the choice was made to use Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras due to their ability to provide a full overview of a scene, at the same time maintaining sharp image resolution. More than 250 Axis network cameras were installed to secure the premises and enhance the safety and security of both employees and students. A total number of 45 AXIS 233D Network Dome Cameras and 55 AXIS 213 PTZ Network Cameras were installed. With the powerful 35x optical and 12x digital zoom, the AXIS 233D can zoom in on small and distant objects, which is crucial for the college. It is also possible to detect and follow moving objects in an outdoor environment while maintaining high quality video footage with the AXIS 233D. The corridors, classrooms and buildings are monitored with more than 150 AXIS 211A Network Cameras. The AXIS 211A offers communication via microphones and speakers along with live images over the Wide Area Network which significantly reduces installation costs. From the control room, authorized personnel can send audio instructions to students or security staff in the event of suspicious activity. In addition, an alarm can be triggered via audio detection of a suspicious event. Connecting directly to IP networks, the built-in web server, open application interface and sophisticated networking functions, such as the option to power the camera over the Ethernet, greatly simplify installation and systems integration. Power-over-Ethernet eliminates the need for additional power sockets and additional cabling. AXIS 213 PTZ delivers simultaneous MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG video streams, allowing for optimization in image quality and bandwidth. It provideswide coverage with its ability to pan 340 degrees, tilt 100 degrees and zoom in on specific details.


The excellent image quality offered by Axis network cameras, even in low light conditions, or complete darkness with the aid of infrared lights, has allowed continuous monitoring of the areas most at risk, ensuring the safety of the property and the tranquility of the students and the college. The AXIS 213 PTZ can be manually controlled or scheduled for switching between color images during the day and black & white images in low light or nighttime conditions using built-in IR lighting. Along with the intelligent alarm capabilities of the AXIS 213 PTZ, audible and other notifications couldbe sent to the security personnel in real time.

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