Teaching through observation with Axis

University of Wisconsin River Falls improves Speech-Language Pathologist training with unique use of Axis network cameras

“The high-definition Axis cameras give students and supervisors the audio and video clarity they need to catch the nuanced interaction between patients and clinicians. Because the IP system is so easy to use, it delivers an endless supply of teachable moments.” Sarah Smits, Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Communicative Disorders at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls


In its heyday, the old analog VCR-based camera system used by the Communicative Disorders department at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF) campus was considered an advanced teaching tool. But the system had reached the end of its life, and the department wanted to replace it with a state-of-the-art network-based video system. They needed a system that would provide high-quality audio and video recordings of therapy sessions for undergraduate and graduate students to review. The faculty also needed to remotely observe students during patient sessions and easily retrieve video of specific disorders or intervention techniques for lectures.


Based on a similar system at the UW-Eau Claire campus, River Falls selected a turnkey solution from Axis partner PDS, Inc. CompView, an audio-visual systems integrator and Axis partner, installed the intuitive Intelligent Stream Recorder software and HDTV-quality fixed and pan/tilt/ zoom (PTZ) network cameras from Axis to capture therapy sessions and stream the recordings to the PDS-furnished ISR server in the campus data center. Supervisors can view the sessions live from their desktops while quickly searching the archived recordings for comparable disorders or techniques.


Supervisors are able to review broadcast-quality videos of therapy sessions with their undergraduate and graduate students for more immediate, constructive feedback on their clinical skills. Because the video is catalogued with searchable descriptive tags, it’s much simpler to extract appropriate video clips. Now, instructors are incorporating actual therapy sessions into their courses more frequently.

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