Ar Poul Gwen crepe restaurants gear up with network video

Axis cameras keep watch over Ar Poul Gwen restaurants in La Baule and Paris

“Yeddir is always looking to offer its clients video surveillance solutions that are efficient, sustainable and scalable, so we went with cameras from Axis Communications, whose high technology and image quality fit perfectly with the network architectures we offer.” Mohammed Diouani, Yeddir technical sales.


In the heart of Paris and in La Baule, the two Ar Poul Gwen crepe restaurants are in very busy locations. Previously equipped with an analog video surveillance system, the restaurant in La Baule needed to move to network video to keep an eye on the new crepe house in Paris and vice versa.


Ar Poul Gwen’s manager was won over very quickly by the network-based solution Yeddir proposed, because he wanted a solution that was accessible anywhere in the world and covered a broad area of the restaurant. As a result of this, five Axis network cameras with high-definition image quality were installed in the Paris restaurant.


The restaurant is watched over 24/7. Yeddir maintains the IT network and the surveillance cameras. The manager wanted to expand the system to connect the La Baule and Paris sites to Rio, where he owns another establishment, using TV screens to transmit direct images from each of the three sites.

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