UEFA monitors Ukraine’s preparation for EURO 2012 using Axis network cameras

Live web broadcast began on August 25, 2009, with the construction site of the Olympic National Sports Complex in Kiev

“We are pleased with the first results of the project. The launch of the broadcast event received extensive coverage both in the press and in the community of soccer fans. This non-profit promotional project will hopefully give our company a chance to participate in the preparation of Euro 2012.“ Alexander Zavedeya, General Director, UNTC.


The process of the Ukraine preparation for EURO 2012 is constantly in focus for the UEFA’s officials. European media coverage regarding estimations of the readiness of Ukrainian stadiums for this event has not always been objective. Under these conditions, the Ukrainian organizers of EURO 2012 decided that availability of live broadcasting of reconstruction of the Olympic National Sports Complex was the only possibility to report the real state of affairs directly to UEFA, and also to all soccer fans in Ukraine and abroad.


AXIS Q1755 Network Cameras were selected for broadcasting of reconstruction progress. The H.264 cameras transmit images via UNTC’s internal network to a dedicated media server. The Media server then converts the video streams and retransmits them to all Internet clients. As a result, any Internet client can visit the broadcasting site and access live video using an embedded Flash player as easy as YouTube clients do.


Over the first three months, the page with the live broadcast was visited by over a million viewers. This project has been highly praised by Ukrainian and European specialists and has won several awards at recognized professional competitions and shows (e.g. EEBC Highlight 2009 Awards - best project in the nomination “Best wireless technologies solution”). The reconstruction of the Olympic National Sports Complex is ongoing as a part of the preparation of Ukraine to host the European Soccer Championship in 2012. This project is being implemented by the Ukrainian company UNTC with active assistance from IT Connect.

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