Axis network video promotes the sites of Sierra Morena on the Internet

Four Andalusian Rural Development Associations have launched, a promotional and revitalization system for the rural areas of Sierra Morena based on the use of network cameras

“Axis cameras gave us the greatest zoom capabilities, the best image quality and the confidence to work with the leader in network cameras. So for us the choice was a logical step in our project.“ Mr. Juan Balbin Garrido, President of PRODECAN.


Four Andalusian Rural Development Associations had the idea of developing an IT system that would open a virtual window over the Internet to show the natural landscapes and heritage sites of Sierra Morena to the world.


To find a solution that could meet these requirements, they contacted INNOVASUR, whose experience in network and IP solutions turned out to be vital for the implementation of the project. The proposed solution was to install a network of IP cameras and weather stations distributed throughout locations representative of and unique to Sierra Morena, whose images and information could be viewed live via a web page.


The project consists of twenty-two network cameras and nine meteorological stations distributed in strategic locations, whose images can be viewed live via the portal. Thanks to this system, viewers can take a tour of this unique area of Andalusia, check weather variables and information of interest, as well as watch and store video and pictures of all its cultural and environmental wealth via an easy-to-access multimedia information source, available 24/7, and 365 days per year.

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