Parauapebas adopts Axis system to combat violence

City government sees 60% drop in incidents in areas covered by cameras

“The municipal video surveillance system has added value to the work of the police both in investigations and in traffic policing. The project was immediately accepted by the population and we’re already thinking about expanding the service.” Vicente Reis, general IT coordinator for the city government of Paraupebas


The city of Parauapebas, located in the southwest of the state of Pará, 645 km from the capital city of Belém, needed to increase safety for its 154,000 residents. Although it had the highest trade balance in Brazil in the first quarter of 2013 and the 33rd largest Gross Domestic Product in the country, not all the news in the city was good. Parauapebas needed to combat an increasing number of acts of violence in order to ensure the peace and safety of its citizens.


After studying other cases of cities in the region where violence rates had fallen sharply after installing IP video surveillance systems, the Parauapebas city government launched a public tender to install 96 network cameras where there were most vehicles and pedestrians, such as the roads into and out of the city, and near banks, plazas, and other critical locations. After the companies participating in the tender process were reviewed, IR Technology was awarded the contract and launched the project in cooperation with the city government and the military police technical teams.


When the first phase of the project was completed, which involved the installation of the first 31 cameras in Parauapebas, the city government noticed a considerable drop in incidents in the areas under surveillance. There were nearly 60% fewer incidents recorded. The implementation of this first stage led to arrests of drug dealers and people with outstanding warrants, along with the recovery of stolen vehicles.

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