Axis guards naval headquarters

Axis network cameras and LAMP-based AUGENSYS platform employed for video surveillance of the vast Operational Center at Santa Rosa near Rome

“The new video surveillance system meets all requirements for our Operational Center and ensures our ability to respond to any intruder. The dome camera in particular is able to monitor the most sensitive zones by night as well as by day and to focus close up on the areas of greatest interest.” Marco Bandioli, Commandant of the Naval Headquarters.


Previously, the antenna facility of the Italian Naval Fleet Command (CINCNAV) had a video surveillance system consisting of 70 analog video cameras positioned along its 5-km perimeter. In order to modernize the remote surveillance system, Naval Headquarters decided to update the existing system and add a number of IP cameras at strategic positions.


The decision was made to adapt existing equipment by integrating it with Axis network cameras, in particular dome models, placed on antenna towers providing a view of the entire area. Utilization of the Augensys platform provided the best way to manage the camera system, by means of two workstations that both provide VMS and NVR on 2 full HDTV monitors, with shared fault tolerant storage.


The final solution guarantees effective and reliable video surveillance, due not only to the physical redundancy of the two simultaneously active workstations but also to complete virus immunity and resistance to hacker attacks. Other features considered especially important by the operators are the image streaming and the excellent image quality obtained even at night.

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