Axis safeguards Anhui Broadcast and Television Center with HDTV surveillance

“Axis products offer great compatibility. The superior H.264 compression results in excellent revivification of image quality, while at the same time effectively reducing the overall bandwidth pressure on the project, and saving the back end storage cost for the direct users.” Anhui Chentu Information Technology Co., Ltd.


The new Anhui Broadcast and Television Center is located on Huaining Road in the new government and culture district of Hefei, closely neighboring the scenic area of Swan Lake Center. As a symbolic modern building in Hefei, it is a first-class broadcast and television construction project in Anhui’s communications and culture system, featuring the largest scale, biggest investment, most complete functionalities, and latest technical equipment. The Center’s studio, which is the largest in China, will be put into use on October 1, 2014. The Center’s video surveillance system required the most up-to-the-date monitoring equipment and system integration approach, to provide an advanced, mature and stable network surveillance system, as well as a leading security system that is cost-effective, advanced, easy to use, and highly scalable.


In this project, the Center chose Axis professional network surveillance products, i.e. AXIS P1344, AXIS P1346 and AXIS P3304 Network Cameras. AXIS P1344 supports 720p resolution and multiple H.264 video streams, providing the users with superior image quality, while substantially reducing the bandwidth and storage use, resulting in cost savings for the customer. It provides the Wide Dynamic Range and day/night functionality, allowing for accurately revivifying all details on the viewing scenes whether it is day time or at night. In addition, AXIS P1344 offers remote zoom, enabling great convenience and easy installation, without the need for a lot of time and efforts in selecting the mounting positions for the cameras.


In the implementation of the entire project, no single Axis camera ever failed. For the nearly half year of operation, the whole system has showcased great stability, superior image quality, low code rate, and many more benefits, which are highly appreciated by the users. As the project construction continues, more devices and facilities will be put into use, and the plug and play that Axis products offer fully addresses the users’ demand for system scalabilities and upgrades. Also, the system may build on the powerful background software-based management platform to expand into a larger scale at any time. Axis’ network cameras with excellent performance and solutions are highly recognized by the users in the commercial building industry again.

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