112 Lorca emergency services

Mobile video surveillance systems in emergency vehicles

“Axis products respond and adapt perfectly to this type of project. The image quality they provide and their resistance and optimization make the product very interesting for these applications.“ Ricardo Villalba, Head of Lorca Emergency, Murcia 112.


Information appears to be the best ally when attending an emergency warning. But if it were possible for this information to be displayed in an audio-visual format and to be unified and used to coordinate all emergency services in the region, it would become very valuable. For these reasons, Lorca's 112 Emergency Service was looking for a solution that would enable them to obtain live images of the actions from their emergency vehicles.


The installation of network cameras in this type of vehicle requires proper support protection and a special housing. They opted to install AXIS 214 PTZ Network Cameras, complemented by video management software developed by ACISA, an Axis partner.


Currently, there are six emergency vehicles equipped with Axis network cameras operating in the Murcia region. When an alert is received, one of these vehicles is sent for the initial intervention. The AXIS 214 PTZ Network Camera transmits the event's images to the Emergency Coordination Center so that the occupants only need to park the vehicle facing the scene of the emergency.. The Coordination Center assesses the event and decides to what extent it has to enforce the notification with ambulances and the fire department, or conversely, they may order the return of activated services.

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