More effective surveillance and more secure work environment in MQ stores with Axis cloud-based solution

Efficient and flexible Axis network camera system increases safety and security for staff and customers

“AVHS is a great solution for us as it allows us to be flexible to each individual store’s requirements. With over 120 stores across a wide geographic area, we need a central system that is highly flexible and requires minimal effort on our part. That is the point at which it becomes cost-effective for us.“ Fredrik Lindblom, Security Manager, MQ.


MQ is one of Sweden’s leading fashion retailers, offering a mix of own-label and designer clothes. It has over 117 stores throughout Sweden and five stores in Norway. It needed a flexible and effective surveillance system in its stores to cope with the 30 million visitors per year and the large amount of designer clothes, which are particularly susceptible to theft.


Axis’ cloud-based video surveillance system, AXIS Video Hosting System (AVHS), provides MQ with the efficiency and flexibility required to meet the high surveillance demands of goods that are particularly susceptible to theft. This solution makes it possible for MQ to easily install the cameras and then centrally manage them all from a remote location. The system supports local storage of video footage in individual stores, as well as the display of video images centrally. As MQ required a uniform structure and improved functionality, it was decided to select Axis network cameras for its security system. Axis network cameras offer easy installation, superior image quality, and functional and unobtrusive design and scalability.


Axis cameras have provided a safer and more secure working environment in MQ’s stores. Shop assistants at stores with the biggest theft problem have noticed the more secure working environment and are asking for more camera surveillance. Now, all newly opened stores will be equipped with similar systems, and older systems in existing stores will also be upgraded. Currently, 100 stores have the new AVHS system, totaling around 850 cameras.

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