Vinci Park consolidates its video surveillance systems thanks to Axis

The vehicle parking centralization system developed by Deinta makes it possible to integrate management and monitoring into a single control center

“We trust Axis solutions because it is a sound and standard product; we do not wish to place our customers in a dead-end street. By betting on Axis, we ensure the quality and the possibility that they can implement solutions from other manufacturers in the future.“ Jesus Pola, Deinta’s Managing Director.


Vinci Park España has set a goal to centralize the management and monitoring of its seven vehicle parking facilities in Zaragoza from a single control center. To carry out this technological upgrading process for its infrastructure, it contacted Deinta, an integration company that it has maintained an eight year collaborative relationship with.


Deinta set for itself two complementary lines of work.
  • First, it conducted a technological migration and integration process for each of the parking facilities for their remote management via IP. The management and control station was set up in the Audiorama parking facility.
  • The second line of work was oriented to integrating all the analog cameras installed in each of the parking facilities to the IP network. An array of AXIS 241Q Video Servers/Encoders was implemented for this purpose. For the last parking facility, a recently-built facility, AXIS 216FD and AXIS 221 Network Cameras were installed. AXIS Camera Station software is used for the management of all the cameras.


Thanks to the management unification, the various systems in the parking facilities can be easily used managed and all technical and human resources can be maximized.

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