São Mateus Complex adopts advanced IP solution

Medical and business venture in Fortaleza, Ceará, uses 100 Axis network cameras with intelligent alarms and bidirectional audio

“The network surveillance system has allowed us to enjoy greater control, safety and comfort. The Axis cameras are an essential support for the security team, and their innovative features have allowed us to implement a long-term project.“ José Avelino Portela Filho, assistant facilities manager for the São Mateus Complex.


The São Mateus business complex was launched as one of the most innovative enterprises in Fortaleza, Brazil. It covers 60,000 square meters, including the São Mateus Hospital, two towers of clinics, doctors’ and business offices, an events center, auditoriums, conference rooms, seven floors of parking and a helipad. When the first tower was inaugurated, the customer saw the need to adopt a solution that was compatible with the complex’s modern design and large scale.


The São Mateus Complex is a new structure so it contracted development of its complex IT environment to Imagem Segurança, an Axis integrator partner; the contract included everything from wiring ducts to the installation of cabling, servers, UPS, switches, firewall and software, plus training and an annual maintenance contract. 50 AXIS M1031 Network Cameras operate over this infrastructure in each office tower. The solution is managed using software from ISS, another Axis partner.


The alarms sound when abnormal situations are detected, meaning that the security team does not need to be constantly following all the images. Cameras are installed in the main traffic areas for people, such as halls, corridors and elevators, and provide enhanced security for the complex.

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