Axis network cameras accomplish new legislation compliance for the Technical Vehicle Inspection facilities

The Royal Decree 224/2008 forced every Technical Vehicle Inspection station to justify the passage of vehicles using license plate scanning or other type of audiovisual media

"The Axis network cameras were the devices best suited to our needs. The fact that they are IP-based and fully programmable was a big advantage for us. The system has been operating for just over one year and so far we have had zero problems with the cameras." Pablo José Martín Martín, ATISAE Applications Development Manager.


The Technical Vehicle Inspection is a service that aims to reduce the incidence of accidents caused by mechanical failures in road safety. The Technical Vehicle Inspection testing protocols are regulated by the European Union. The enforcement of Royal Decree 224/2008 meant changes at the centers that meant each station had to justify the passage of vehicles through the inspection line by license plate scanning or by any other audio-visual method, and archive those images with the rest of the data and results from each inspection.


ATISAE decided to develop the tool internally and sought license plate recognition software providers. It contacted Axis’ partner Neural Labs, which provided the VPAR product. The ATISAE systems department integrated this software and images from the AXIS 211 Network Cameras with the Technical Vehicle Inspection file generation application.


After testing, it was decided to incorporate one or two AXIS 211 Network Cameras for each inspection line, taking pictures of the vehicles passing through it. The client verified that the use of network cameras could also support surveillance needs, resulting in installation of network cameras in some of its Technical Vehicle Inspection centers for security purposes.

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