IP video improves safety and processes at SEAT

Axis network cameras improve safety and production processes at one of the most modern automobile factories in Europe

“With the strategic location of Axis IP cameras, we have implemented the added efficiency of remote surveillance to our existing motion detection and continuous video recording systems. The company has improved its monitoring of restricted access areas and its capacity to detect and analyze incidents. This helps us keep watch over remote and difficult-to-access areas at our plants more efficiently and effectively.“ Joan Roda, Director of Security - SEAT.


The SEAT factory in Martorell is among the most important factories in Spain. Its annual production surpassed 375,000 vehicles in 2012 with a direct labor force of nearly 12,000 employees. In 2008, due in part to the outdated nature of its analog security system, the company decided to implement a new approach unifying the design, management and maintenance of security systems at all of their locations. In doing so, they discovered additional capabilities provided by IP video that have further improved their production processes.


After completing audits of the Security, Maintenance and Engineering departments, Fibratel, an Axis partner, was contracted to install an advanced IP network infrastructure to be used for all aspects related to video surveillance management. It should be mentioned that the plant’s Engineering Department, which is responsible for the migration from the old software platform, carried out the design and development work for this project.


Due to the complexity and scope of the project, development has taken place in annual phases and is currently in its fifth year. The video security system is 100% IP and made up of more than 100 Axis network cameras. Additionally, another system is used to supervise and monitor production processes using an additional 100 Axis cameras at all sites. Future expansion of both video systems is planned.

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