Ripley department stores monitored by Axis cameras

Axis provides protection and security for the company’s customers nationwide

“As a result of the strategic EyD - Axis alliance, the end customer now enjoys a robust, scalable solution that integrates state-of-the-art IP video solutions and is easy to replicate in the rest of its retail stores.“ Rafael Dagnino, EyD Sales Manager.


Ripley (Ripley Group Corp. S.A., Tiendas Ripley Chile Comercial ECCSA S.A.) is a Chilean-based multinational retail chain founded in 1956 that maintains operations in Chile, Peru and Colombia. It ranks with Falabella, Paris, and La Polar as a leader in Latin America’s retail sector. Mall Costanera Center is the first phase of an ambitious real estate complex under construction in Providencia, a district within the greater metropolitan area of Santiago, Chile. With a floor area of 268,000 m², Mall Costanera Center is one of the largest shopping centers in South America. Its 300 stores and businesses are distributed over seven floors with different themes, including services, a supermarket, fashion, sporting goods, food court and cinemas.


Ripley was the first Mall Costanera Center store to install Axis network cameras. To meet the store’s needs, EyD installed 152 AXIS M3204, AXIS M3204-V and AXIS Q6034 Network Cameras) with image control enabled by two AXIS T8310 joysticks. The system was connected to Milestone XProtect® software so that the images could be displayed in the store’s monitoring center.


The system now in place at Ripley facilitates process monitoring, provides main display and remote backup imaging and facilitates people counting and motion detection.

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