Axis cameras protect perimeter of White Shore Village

The village’s perimeter video surveillance system significantly improves safety and reduces number of security personnel needed

“The video surveillance system we’ve installed using Axis network equipment has increased our level of security, saved money, and improved the competitiveness of our village in the eyes of both current and potential residents. We see no reason to doubt that installing this system will be beneficial at similar sites.“ Vitaly Alekseevich Kalashnikov, Telecommunications Operation Manager.


The client requested the design and installation of a highly reliable, robust perimeter video surveillance system to improve security at the site and reduce the number of security personnel needed to patrol the village perimeter.


Given the long perimeter and the client’s specifications for detailed observation of sites within the surveillance area, Axis’ partner, UNIMAX decided to install an IP video surveillance system using Axis network cameras with 3 megapixel resolution. A dedicated fiber optic cable infrastructure was developed to transfer video data over a large distance. Special all-weather cabinets made by UNIMAX were installed along the perimeter to protect network equipment.


In the end, only 40 network cameras were needed to ensure surveillance along the rather long perimeter sections; this resulted in significant cost savings in installation work. The new system significantly improved the efficiency of the site security service and reduced the number of security personnel for around-the-clock patrols. The system is expected to pay for itself in savings in 2 years.

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