Colombia monitors highways to increase safety

Security cameras cover more than 1000 kilometers on highways leading to Bogotá

“The solution we have implemented with Axis for the program has been positive, allowing us to provide better security and react more effectively to the events and incidents that happen on the highways.“ Jose Leónidas Narváez, Director of INVIAS.


Colombia is a country that has historically experienced armed conflict with outlaw groups and emerging criminal gangs. This has led the national government to consider investing in highway safety measures in order to prevent kidnappings and highway robberies. As a result of the situation, the Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Defense, and the National Institute of Roads (INVIAS) has created the National Highway Safety Program, which includes the installation of a video surveillance system on national highways.


SIMS Technologies SAS, an Axis partner expert in this type of solution, assisted with the project. Based on the project’s needs, they recommended and installed Axis network cameras, including AXIS Q6035-E Dome Network Cameras that capture full HDTV quality video. All cameras are equipped with SecurOS VMS from ISS - Intelligent Security Systems, also an Axis partner, using the Enterprise license.


Through the implementation of this system, more than 1000 highway kilometers have been covered on routes leading from Bogota to Girardot, Villavicencio, Honda, Buenaventura, la Mesa Cundinamarca, and the Autopista Norte. The system provides support to the national armed forces and police, helping them react more quickly to criminal acts and reduce accident rates.

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