Mindtree secures its east campus with high end Axis cameras

Achieving enhanced security of tech facility with optimized solutions

“For a campus with large numbers of employees, a proper security and surveillance monitoring has become mandatory to ensure smooth functioning. We needed a surveillance system that could ensure safety of our employees as well as help us in day-to-day operations managing the campus. The cameras along with Mindtree software installed in our premises have helped us achieve these objectives effectively.“ Mr. Sudhakara Thota, Chief Security Officer, Mindtree Ltd.


Mindtree Ltd’s East Campus is a large facility that houses over 1200 employees or ‘Mindtree Minds.‘ Apart from employees, a large number of customers, partners, vendors and visitors visit the campus on most working days. The campus building consists of seven floors with basement parking, each with a number of entry and exit gates. In order to address the security needs of the campus, management decided to invest in surveillance equipment to ensure the safety of their employees.


After evaluating multiple IP camera vendors, Mindtree chose Axis IP cameras for their quality and support. A total of 68 Axis IP cameras (including 5 PTZ cameras) across the facility were installed to hasten response to security incidents. AXIS M3011 and AXIS 213 PTZ Network Cameras were short listed based on the cost/ value proposition.


The implementation of Axis IP cameras delivers the benefits of enhanced monitoring and operational alertness, enabling management to supervise the facility on a 24/7 basis with minimal manual intervention. This has also enhanced security with fewer security personnel, who can now effectively focus on attending to security incidents. The recordings also enable quick investigation and speedy resolution of redundant incidents.

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