Healthcare at the innovation clinic relies on Axis network cameras

Axis solution protects the facility and enhances and optimizes services provided

“In protecting the facility we set our primary objective to be the creation of a shared environment for all devices installed. Ease of integration is one of Axis’ strong points.“ Luigi Pedrotta, General Manager of Lan & Wan Solutions Ltd.


MediClinic is a new, cutting-edge international healthcare facility offering a wide range of services related to prevention, diagnosis and therapy. The problem faced was to create an effective and efficient installation that would protect the massive technological investment that the facility represented and at the same time promote the more effective use of resources with a view to offering patients higher quality services; the latter objective was a top priority for Openview, the healthcare technical consulting company that supervised the entire project.


The system requested by Openview and designed with technical support from Lan & Wan Solutions provides full coverage of the building both externally and internally, with the exception of areas protected by privacy laws. Altogether, 60 Axis network cameras have been used, 18 of which are outdoor cameras. The interior cameras allow personnel to monitor the condition of patients remotely and respond as needed.


The system installed at MediClinic represents a useful innovation for the healthcare industry, because it introduces a new application for video surveillance benefitting clinical personnel. System operators can simultaneously monitor patient status and activities in more places within the clinic. Continuous monitoring by clinical personnel improves logistics and patient safety by reducing the time required for personnel to respond. The result is the optimization of available resources and improved health care quality.

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