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Parma’s Tardini stadium selects Axis HDTV cameras

“The high resolution of the AXIS Q1755 Network Cameras allows every detail to be captured of events taking place on the stands and at the gates. From the control room where the Security Operations Group works, it is possible to keep the entire stadium under control in real time.” Stefano Perrone, General Services Manager and Security Officer of Parma Football Club – E. Tardini Stadium.


The Ennio Tardini stadium is the heart of Parma Football Club. It is the location where the majority of the club’s activities unfold, from home matches to meetings of the team’s management. Until the late 1980s, the stadium was not able to host high-level sports events. The creation of a modern and efficient building in fact followed on from the successes of Parma: the current layout is the result of the changes made in the past decade thanks to the direct contribution from the company. In 2002, the club was entrusted with the management of the site for the next thirty years: an agreement which allowed Parma to equip the stadium with new services for supporters and for all residents of Parma. Video surveillance, which is an indispensable tool for pursuing this objective with efficiency and certainty, had to be implemented with high-quality equipment capable of producing smooth and sharp images, both live and recorded.


For the design and implementation of the system, Parma F.C. turned to MC Informatica e Telecomunicazioni, to meet their IT, communications and security needs. To meet the demands of its client, MC Informatica decided to partner with Axis.


“Axis proved itself to be equal to our expectations: its cameras provide high-definition images with truly impressive results,” stated Giancarlo Vadruccio, Project Manager of MC Informatica: the optimal image quality allows the continuous monitoring of the entire building, creating a detailed tool for high-definition surveillance.

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