Objective: Security

Five Sicilian municipalities select Axis and MediaNET for video surveillance

“Axis network cameras, services and solutions represent an innovative and practical resource. The implementation of a video surveillance system with IP technology in the municipality of Misterbianco was a choice in favor of development and modernity, while at the same time providing a useful service to safeguard our towns.“ Aldo Palmeri, Surveyor of the municipality of Misterbianco.


The municipal administrations of Campobello di Mazara (TP), Ribera (AG), Licata (AG), Montelepre (PA) and Misterbianco (CT) in Sicily share an important historical heritage, making them vacation destinations for many tourists. These municipalities, sensitive to the needs of their own residents and the preservation of their artistic and cultural heritage, decided to equip themselves with a video surveillance system to monitor their territory, discourage illegal waste dumping and combat petty crime.


To design and implement the video surveillance systems, they selected MediaNET, a company operating in the ICT sector that provides customized solutions, products and services: optimization of IT and security systems, implementation and strengthening of all types of networks, and the design and deployment of the most innovative telecommunication systems. To meet the surveillance demands of the 5 Sicilian municipalities, MediaNET made use of Axis network video products which offer extremely high performance and are equipped with the most advanced technologies and wireless features.


The project involved the installation of a total of 150 network cameras. The Axis network cameras guarantee optimal image quality even under low-light conditions and complete darkness. In addition, the ability to send the video images in real time via the Internet to the competent authorities allows easy and immediate control of at-risk areas, with rapid detection of violations of the law and suspicious activities.

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