High security at high elevations

Renon cable car in Bolzano: A 950-meter ascent under the protection of Axis

“The new Renon cable car is an important milestone in our policy of modern and sustainable transport for the entire Alto Adige province, which will play a major role not only in local public transport but also beyond the province’s borders. As the first of its type in Italy and representing the state of the art worldwide, the new cable car is undoubtedly the standard bearer for an innovative and forward-looking management model.” Giorgio Pilotti, Leitner project lead for the Renon cable car.


The public transport link between the center of Bolzano and the plateau of Renon, in the hamlet of Soprabolzano, Italy, has a long tradition: for more than 100 years, families, commuters, students and tourists have been using this service. After 40 years of honorable service, STA (Strutture Trasporto Alto Adige S.p.A.) decided to replace the old cable car with a new type of cableway which is faster, more spacious and technologically-advanced. The bid competition announced not only the construction of a cable car with superior quality and technology than its predecessor, but also the implementation of a wireless video surveillance system active both along the route and inside the cars, since the security and efficiency of the cable car had become a fundamental requirement both for tourists and to encourage citizens to use public transport instead of their own cars.


The bid was won by Leitner Technologies, a Vipitenobased company specializing in the design and construction of cable car systems worldwide. Leitner, together with its technology partner PlanTec, a Bolzano company specializing in the design and implementation of hightechnology systems, presented the winning project which encompassed the installation of Axis network cameras.


The new Renon cableway has a transport capacity of 550 people per hour in 8 cars which can carry up to 35 people each. The 26 installed Axis cameras based on a wireless system make this the world’s first cable car protected by real-time views of the cars.

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