Video surveillance in Lestra department store: Security with added value

Bremen department store reduces inventory discrepancies and optimizes customer flow with Axis network cameras

“The technical compatibility of the Axis cameras is superior to anything else available on the market. What’s more, they are highly durable with few technical problems.“ Cornelius Strangemann, CEO, Lestra GmbH.


Since 1970, the Bremen department store Lestra has been supplying customers in the university district and beyond with a wide range of food products, household goods and health and beauty products. The store services 3000 to 6000 shoppers each day. The video surveillance system from the 1990s was showing its age and had a few drawbacks. As a result, recordings were limited and only available in time-lapse mode and the images did not provide the required level of detail.


Lestra opted for a new video surveillance system with IP-based cameras from Axis Communications. Over 100 Axis network cameras have been used to cover the 3000 square meter floor space of the store. A mixture of different camera models has proven to be particularly useful here. “A relatively broad overview is all that is needed for the aisles and the stockroom so that when there is an incident, we can see what actually happened. For areas such as the checkout counters, detail is important. Here, we use Axis cameras with 5-megapixel high resolution so we can catch shoplifters and thieves in their tracks,” says CEO Cornelius Strangemann. In addition, Lestra now uses the video images to analyze how customers move through the store, enabling them to gain valuable insights for marketing and product presentations.


“The technical compatibility of the Axis cameras is superior to anything else available on the market,” emphasizes Cornelius Strangemann. “What’s more, they are highly durable with few technical problems. We’ve had excellent experience with them here thus far.” Because the Axis cameras can send multiple streams simultaneously, the recording server and the various display stations can be operated simultaneously without overloading the network. H.264 compression directly in the cameras also relieves the load on the server. One of Lestra’s accomplishments is use of the customer flow analysis to produce a clear increase in the sales of stationery by changing product presentation. Based on the analysis, shelf heights were lowered and the area was visually enhanced – with considerable success.

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