Axis network cameras monitor flight safety

Axis cameras ensure aviation safety at Sheremetyevo International Airport

“We believe the main advantage of using Axis equipment is that it is very reliable. In fact, all the video cameras we use are durable. It is important to me, as the IT systems department manager, that the Axis cameras operate without breaking down, that they are user-friendly and not overly complicated to operate or require frequent servicing.“ Dmitry Yevgenievich Rybtsov, department manager on the Information Technology Managerial Board of Sheremetyevo International Airport.


Ensuring the safety of passengers and visitors is Sheremetyevo Airport’s number one priority, which is why it devotes significant energy and resources to developing a video surveillance security system. In doing so, it is essential to be able to integrate new equipment into the existing infrastructure. In addition to enhancing security functions, the airport is also developing an integrated surveillance system for monitoring passengers and operational processes aboard aircraft.


The existence of a sophisticated network infrastructure makes it essential to develop a video surveillance security system. The most important features required are integration capabilities, image quality, simplicity of servicing the equipment, and further scalability. Based on these requirements, Axis cameras were chosen in conjunction with the system integrators. Currently, there are approximately 200 Axis cameras installed at the airport terminals, namely consisting of the following models: AXIS 209FD, AXIS 211, AXIS 215 PTZ, AXIS 216FD, AXIS P1343, AXIS M3203, AXIS M3204 and AXIS Q6032.


To meet the security requirements of a modern airport, a reliable system that operates 24/7 was installed and is used both in security systems and operational process control systems. In essence, currently there are two independent systems operating at the airport, a security and an operations processing system, which operate simultaneously using a single camera system.

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