Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center

AXIS Camera Station operates the new “We Are Online” service at Sokolniki

“The result of the project result has met our full expectations. We considered a number of possible solutions from various suppliers, and ultimately we were drawn to Axis because of the reliability of its cameras, which are adaptable and easy to install. We were also won over by the long-term software and hardware support, which were not offered to us by other suppliers.“ Ilya Moskalev, IT department manager at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Conference Center.


The project arose out of the need to upgrade the video surveillance system currently operating at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Conference Center, which mainly performs security and administrative functions. Since images from approximately ten video cameras are transmitted to the internal site, it was cumbersome and virtually impossible to work with the image and recording. Thus, the initial objective was to install a video recording system with an extended archive, redundant recording and the capability to post information on the website. During the course of the project, an additional objective was established: to increase the number of cameras at the site so that visitors could gain a more comprehensive experience of events held at the Exhibition and Conference Center by directly visiting the organization’s website. Hence, the “We Are Online” project was born.


AXIS Camera Station was selected for managing the images. Data archiving for up to 90 days, simultaneous camera image recording on two servers, broad functionality and a flexible interface were the main features that made this a convincing solution for the exhibition center. Fixed Axis cameras were selected to expand the video network, primarily due to the reliability and functionality of the equipment and the availability of professional technical support.


The result is a video system that is completely defined by the user. Now, any visitor to the website can not only see with their own eyes what is taking place at the exhibition center, but can also judge for themselves the high standard of quality and work involved in organizing the events hosted at the facility.

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