Axis security cameras reduce crime

More than 350 Axis network cameras protect the environment and provide security in the municipalities of the eastern Milan region

“The installation of a video surveillance system can constitute an effective deterrent against acts of vandalism, violence and theft that often occur in various public areas. In addition, the Axis cameras allow the identification of various violations of the highway code and, above all, allow intervention in the case of accidents at road intersections and at-risk areas.” Giancarlo Caprotti, Local Police Chief of the Municipality of Cassano D’Adda.


CEM Ambiente S.p.A. is the company responsible for managing the service of collecting, transporting and disposing of solid urban waste, including the province of Milan and 49 municipalities to the east of Milan, in a basin with more than 420,000 residents. The company’s core business is based on the collection of waste with sorting and the related services of disposal and salvage of materials. In 2004 CEM Ambiente signaled the need to install cameras to monitor the waste collection areas, which are often subject to theft and acts of vandalism. In 2007, the need to protect residents against crime, and the optimal results achieved by CEM Ambiente, led the municipalities to decide to extend the installation of cameras throughout the territory; not just in the ecological platforms.


To meet the security demands of the municipalities, CEM Ambiente studied and implemented various video surveillance solutions designed on the basis of required specifications, and committed themselves to Axis as the supplier of network cameras.


To date, more than 350 cameras have been installed, and the solution has proven itself to be fully satisfactory to all municipalities involved. In particular, a reduction in crime has been recorded thanks to the extremely sharp images captured by the cameras even in situations with limited visibility or difficult weather conditions.

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