A safer port with Axis network cameras

Port of Odense now has efficient protection against everything from terrorism to vandalism

“We can see considerably more than we expected with the high-resolution cameras. We can now see when ships call at the terminals furthest out in the Port and follow the loading and unloading without being onsite.“ Jørn Pedersen, Maritime Manager/PSO Port of Odense.


At the end of the canal in Odense is one of the biggest ports in Denmark, with a history going back to the early 19th century. Ports have always required high security as extremely valuable goods pass through them and they can also be used for smuggling and other criminal activities. After 9/11, security requirements were enhanced in a number of locations that were considered to be strategic targets for terrorists, including ports. The International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code was given a considerably stricter wording in order to prevent acts of terror.


The Port of Odense needed to modernize its surveillance system. In an area equivalent to 100 football fields, there were only a few analog cameras with low resolution. The new system, installed by G4S, consists of 17 mobile Axis PTZ cameras and fixed cameras that are managed by software from Milestone. The system also includes an intelligent application that detects anyone entering the area and produces an alarm.


When the system was installed it proved to have many advantages in addition to meeting the ISPS standards. It detects not only potential terror threats but also more everyday incidents such as unauthorized persons. The high image quality means that perpetrators can be identified and prosecuted. The system also saves money and is environmentally-friendly as the remote control solution means that the guards can establish a situation and the degree of action required without needing to visit the scene, thus minimizing any negative impact on the environment.

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