Axis network cameras prove the value of high reliability and low maintenance

IP-Surveillance solution monitors staff and guests to increase security and the smooth running of busy restaurant chain

“The Axis cameras last at least three times longer than their analog predecessors and they also have two and half times longer warranty. In my opinion, they are far more economically viable than the old analog cameras. The image is crystal clear and the maintenance costs like replacing power outlets are gone forever.“ Timpoh Chan, Brewerkz Finance and IT Manager.


Launched in 1997, Brewerkz Restaurant and Microbrewery is an iconic haven for scrumptious American fare and freshly brewed beers. Initially modeled after similar concepts in the United States and Canada, this full-service restaurant has gathered a cult following of beer enthusiasts. The management team at Brewerkz restaurants in Singapore was experiencing high maintenance with their original analog camera system, which needed replacement every year as the screens stopped functioning at optimal level. They were also concerned about staff theft and the smooth running of their busy restaurants.


iEcoSystems designed an IP-Surveillance system of Axis network cameras through three Brewerkz restaurants that were then installed by the restaurant team. These cameras monitor highly sensitive areas such as the cash registers, staff rooms, bars and dining areas, to ensure smooth service to patrons.


The new cameras don’t need replacing as the images are crystal clear and do not deteriorate over time, resulting in huge financial savings for Brewerkz. The table monitoring also ensures that staff are more productive and patrons experience better customer service as they are tended to immediately - tables are cleared quickly and turned over faster, resulting in a higher customer turnover for Brewerkz.

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