High-quality Axis network cameras improve service quality of EunPyeong City Council

“We believed that Axis network cameras were the most suitable solution when considering high quality images, convenient installation, and integration of many existing systems. Previously installed camera systems that only allowed separate management can now be integrated into one with an Axis solution. Axis’ smart functions are able to cope with many different situations and deal effectively with them.“ Representative from EunPyeong City Council.


EunPyeong City wanted to provide a better quality of life for its citizens by improving crime protection and traffic surveillance. The City specially focuses on protecting children from any crimes that could happen around school zones, such as traffic accidents or vandalism. A representative from EunPyeong City said, “It is important to prevent accidents, and it is also a relief for parents to feel secure in sending their children to school.” EunPyeong City was looking for a fully integrated video surveillance solution that would ensure high interoperability and centralized management of the system. For that purpose, the City introduced the ‘U-City Integrated Control Center’ project. The project aims at anaging facilities across the city from one central control location which will benefit everyone by maximizing efficiency while minimizing the cost of running different systems in separate locations.


EunPyeong City Council initially considered integrating its existing CCTV system in the project. As the analog cameras originally installed only offered relatively low resolution and and showed serious limitations, the City decided to implement network cameras which offer high-quality video and can be easily monitored remotely from a central location. EunPyeong City Council selected the AXIS Q1755 Network Camera which strictly follows the SMPTE HDTV standard and provides HDTV 1080i and 720P resolution in 16:9 format. The Axis network cameras met the city’s requirement for convenient system management, maintenance accessibility, future expansion possibilities, and extended connection possibilities. Thanks to their intelligent functions, they can identify car registration plates, and offer twoway audio in real-time.


EunPyeong City Council reinforced the city’s security thanks to Axis network cameras’ high-resolution images and their ability to adapt to many different situations. The City is now able to provide better service to its residents, ensure advanced city management, and, in case of emergency and when incidents occur, provide fast and appropriate response. A representative from EunPyeong City Council explained key Axis network camera benefits: “Flexible integration was mainly considered when selecting the right solution for the project as we had to consider the possibility of future expansion. The ease of installation of Axis network cameras was a definitebenefit.” Based on standard network infrastructure and equipment, the camera surveillance system can not only easily be used by the city authorities and police station, but also by the director or duty manager at each school who can monitor the surroundings to identify any possible incidents, and remotely verify an alarm if something occurs. Axis network video has thus been pivotal in helping EunPyeong City stay one step ahead.

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