Police in Venezuela take preventive action by installing cameras

The project has reduced the crime rate, helped recover stolen property and improved security in the vicinity of 14 banks

“The installation of this new Axis video surveillance system has enabled the Táchira State Police to successfully reduce crime rates in the area by providing round-the-clock monitoring and conducting preventive patrols. As a result, this has made the security forces more effective and has also made the area safer for those passing through it. Without a doubt, this is a valuable tool on which our police force relies for carrying out its day-to-day duties.“ Minel Fernanda Chacón Suárez, Head of the Administration and Finance Division, Táchira State Police Department.


The Táchira State Police is a police unit with state and regional jurisdiction, and operates in the state of Táchira, Venezuela. It is the main police force at the regional level, controlled by the government of the state of Táchira, and reports to the Secretariat for Safety and Security. With the aim of finding an efficient solution to ensure the safety of its residents, the Táchira State Police contacted Soluciones Linktel C.A. to provide a system that would optimize its surveillance and security operations.


After several meetings with the client, Soluciones Linktel C.A. identified that the client’s top priority was to tighten security in an area covering approximately 16 square kilometers, located in the city of San Cristóbal, so as to make the area safer for the residents and business located there. During the course of these meetings, Soluciones Linktel C.A. determined that the best solution would be to set up Axis network cameras. A total of 31 units were installed, which included 15 AXIS Q6032-E and 16 AXIS P1343-E Network Cameras, along with the Digifort Enterprise video software.


As a result of installing this system, there has been a dramatic decrease in crime. In addition, not only has there been a major improvement in security at the 14 banks located in the area, but the system has successfully reduced criminal activity at night and the police have been able to conduct several operations to recover stolen vehicles and prevent robberies and muggings.

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