On the road with Axis cameras

UTV.hu’s traffic jam surveillance system for easier and reliable traffic updates

“The solutions are always location-specific. We decide about the placement of the cameras, the power supply and the data transmission based on local conditions. The most difficult task was to ensure adequate bandwidth data connections. In the first phases we built the camera network, then came the rest of the process.“ Csaba Wiszt, Head of the Electronics Business Unit, UTV.hu.


UTV.hu’s team has undertaken the task of no less than facilitating the life of Hungarian, and especially Budapest citizens, giving them the possibility to avoid daily traffic jams and congestion. UTV was looking for a remote video surveillance system that would send realtime images to the users’ mobile phone or home computer, thus providing accurate and fast information about the traffic situation in different areas.


The owners of UTV.hu, Magyar Plastiroute Ltd. and Mobilkép Ltd., found the right solution with the help of Aspectis Ltd., an Axis partner, to provide continuous information about the overall traffic situation. The installation of such a system raised a number of privacy issues which had to be solved. When UTV.hu first began the process, the startup and administrative tasks took more than a year, and the total installation was finalized in 2 years due to the remote locations involved. The system implementation began in July 2008 after construction of the service. 88 AXIS 211/211A Network Cameras are used in 27 locations in Budapest, while 16 cameras have been installed at Lake Balaton.


After 2 years, it is estimated that nearly 2 million people know about the service and have used it nearly 50 million times. A package/program is available for download on the website for Symbian OS-based smart phones which transmits the requested live videos for each area. The UTV brand and the underlying video service is now familiar not only for computer users and mobile phone users, but for a number of TV channels which have also recognized the potential. Now UTV provides real-time records and live video during the daily weather and traffic news. A number of radio channels rely on UTV.hu’s data when composing the traffic news. Expansion continues and as opportunities allow, the country towns will be involved in the system, while the installation of traffic surveillance at Lake Balaton will also proceed further.

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