IP video evidence points to the real culprit

Green Bay Area Public School District adds Axis cameras to its investigative toolbox

“We try to use the Axis cameras as corroborative tools rather than the sole source of evidence. But there have been times that the cameras were the only way to determine the true nature of an event.“ Curt Julian, Associate Principal of East High School, Green Bay Area Public School District.


After a dozen years of operation, the analog CCTV system used by Green Bay Area Public School District had far exceeded its useful life. The district felt an IP-based solution would provide greater flexibility to centrally manage higher-resolution cameras while giving each school the autonomy to view its own video. The administration wanted a system that could take advantage of its existing WAN as well as deliver HDTV video to aid in the investigation of incidents.


SimplexGrinnell, a fire, life-safety and integrated security provider and national systems integrator in the Axis channel partner program, designed an IP-based solution to deliver the image clarity and management flexibility the district needed. They subcontracted installation to Martin Security Systems, another Axis partner and certified installer of custom security systems. The team installed 556 Axis high-definition, fixed dome IP cameras controlled by a Video Insight Video Management System specially tailored for school security. Intuitive map and floor plan navigation let administrators view video from anywhere anytime, and the district’s security department can adjust camera parameters remotely, avoiding the cost and delay of onsite service calls.


Because the Axis cameras leverage HDTV, they provide much broader coverage than even the legacy analog PTZs. Administrators can forensically zoom in on archived images to extract greater detail than ever before. In the case of an attempted break-in, even though the perpetrator’s face was never captured on video, police were able to apprehend him because his clothing, backpack and gait were clearly recognizable on video.

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