IP-Surveillance no longer hindered by limited bandwidth

Visec® Stream on Demand™ (VSD) developed specifically for Axis network cameras

“The high cost or ineffectiveness of bandwidth no longer hampers the implementation of an IP surveillance solution, the application possibilities have become far more extensive.“ Gary Scagell, CEO, Visec International.


The cost of bandwidth in South Africa can be somewhat prohibitive when implementing an IP-Surveillance solution. As a result of this, a South African-based systems integrator, CSS&I (Pty) Ltd, using the ASTII Consortium Consultant team lead by Peter Bullock, was tasked with utilizing 3G/GPRS exclusively to stream live video from remote sites to a centralized control room for a specific SA National Roads Agency project. Visec® International was approached to develop a module that could integrate with Axis products and circumvent the necessity for exorbitant monthly bandwidth costs.


It took the development team 25 days to create a worldfirst, ground-breaking basic module that offers an ingenious solution for Axis cameras in low bandwidth deployments. Visec® Stream on Demand™ allows Motion JPEG images, refreshed at specified intervals, to be viewed until an incident or event occurs, at which point the user can switch to a live view mode for a predetermined period of time.


The monitoring of Axis cameras in remote sites need no longer be limited by costly or inadequate bandwidth. Visec® Stream on Demand™ allows the user to experience the absolute potency of Axis network cameras and encoders in full live stream, when required, instead of a frustrating reduced stream. Visec® Stream on Demand™ also allows remote real-time access to the recorded video data stored on the internal SD cards of the Axis cameras and encoders, thereby eliminating the bandwidth necessary for offsite storage.

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