Central Station and City Terminal – security and safety

With Axis network cameras, Jernhusen is able to keep a watchful eye over one of Sweden’s most visited properties

“As I am trained in analog systems, I was a little worried, but my reservations soon disappeared. All of the operators are extremely satisfied. There is no difficulty and the system is easy to use.“ Markus Sedenberg, Safety Manager at Central Station and City Terminal.


Jernhusen is a state-owned property company that owns and manages around a hundred properties along the Swedish railways. The biggest and by far the most visited properties are Central Station and City Terminal in Stockholm. In 2009, Jernhusen started the ‘Safe Station’ project, a combined initiative involving technology, surveillance and social activities. One component was to review camera surveillance. Jernhusen realized that the camera installation in the properties needed to be modernized to produce better image quality and more efficient surveillance. A decision was made to invest in IP-based cameras and a thorough procurement process was implemented.


The contract at City Terminal was awarded to Axis partner, Insupport. So far, 33 cameras have been installed in City Terminal and Central Station; 15 AXIS Q6034, ten AXIS P3364 and eight AXIS P8514 Network Cameras, together with six AXIS P7210 Video Encoders for the existing analog cameras. The software that handles viewing/recording is Milestone XProtect® Corporate 5.0.


The most important benefit of the new IP camera system is that Jernhusen now has a user-friendly, flexible system with better image quality and higher efficiency. Using the high-resolution camera images, it has been possible to help the police solve more crimes in a more efficient manner. The new system can easily be extended in terms of both cameras and functions as it is based on open technical platforms.

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