The “El Cune” tunnel uses Axis technology

Connecting cities such as Bogotá, Medellin, and the Atlantic coast of Colombia

“Our experience with these cameras has been really positive; we are now able to continuously monitor the proper functioning of the tunnel, which is located at the kilometer marker 80, from the offices of Concesión Sabana Occidente located at the kilometer marker 9.“ Jose Luis Echeverry Garcia, Operations Manager at Concesión Sabana Occidente S.A.


In 1999, a 50,000 cubic meter landslide at the Bogotá–Villeta highway near the town of Villeta Cundinamarca brought traffic on that artery to a dramatic halt. As a result, for a decade, traffic between Bogotá and Medellin and much of the country’s Atlantic coast was forced to pass through the center of Villeta Cundinamarca, a detour that greatly increased travel time in this corridor.


In order to condition the roadway between Bogotá and Villeta to handle further landslides and avoid future disruptions along this route, Concesión Sabana Occidente S.A. was contracted to build a tunnel at the point the landslide had occurred. Known as El Cune tunnel, this 200 meter-long structure now ensures traffic flow between Colombia’s main cities. The project called for the installation of 3 Axis network cameras (AXIS Q6032/-E) at the entrance points and the least stable area of the upper part of the structure, which now allow continuous traffic monitoring and help ensure the smooth operation of El Cune tunnel.


This solution has provided security and control over the passage of vehicles to and from the interior of the country. The project has benefited not only the residents of the region, but also the thousands of travelers who pass through this important route, as it saves them travel time.

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