Noyelles-Godault chooses an IP video protection system using Axis equipment

Axis cameras provide security for a French town and its growing population

Our main problem was figuring out how to deal with the increasing levels of crime the city was facing, particularly in terms of vandalism, garbage bin fires, nighttime disturbances and theft. Noyelles-Godault has a relatively high youth population.“ Mayor Jean Urbaniak, Noyelles-Godault.


Noyelles-Godault is a municipality strategically located between the French towns of Douai, Lens, Lille, and Arras. It has an excellent urban infrastructure that includes a media library, two sports centers, and a cultural center. However, urban growth and expansion here has been accompanied by an increase in minor crime. Faced with rising incidents of theft, nighttime disturbances and vandalism that included the burning of garbage bins, the town decided that it was necessary to take further measures to protect public spaces, property and, above all, its citizens.


It was determined that a video surveillance system would be needed to help reduce urban crime. AXIANS proposed a simple solution that involved the installation of an Axis camera system capable of relaying data directly to a central control center run by the municipal police force. The city opted to install a comprehensive IP system that included both fixed dome and fixed network cameras in thermostatically controlled housings. Its new system is linked to the police control center by radio frequency.


An Urban Monitoring Center (UMC) was created and law enforcement personnel were trained to use the technology. Since the town has been equipped with a video security system, several arrests have been made thanks to the police department’s enhanced ability to identify individuals or vehicles at strategic points. This is a tool that provides concrete results.

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