Bemol monitors all its retail facilities with Axis cameras

Axis network cameras monitor stores, distribution centers, and offices of largest retail chain in Brazil’s North Region

“Before, we had a completely decentralized system that needed frequent maintenance. Now, we have a solution with a monitoring center, cameras that work perfectly, and results that enhance not only our surveillance capacity, but also our store operations. Our Distribution Center manager tells me repeatedly that we’ve achieved more during the first six months with Axis than we did over six years with the previous solution.“ Jesaias Arruda, Head of Support Division, Bemol.


Bemol is one of the largest retail chains operating in Brazil’s North Region. With 19 stores, 3 distribution centers, and a headquarters office from which its successful e-business operations are coordinated, the company has more than 2,200 employees in the three Brazilian states where it does business. Since Bemol is currently considered the top-of-mind brand by almost all residents of Manous, Amazonas, in-store traffic is increasing exponentially. In order to monitor this flow, a project offering high-quality video monitoring was needed. The analog cameras installed in Bemol’s stores no longer met its needs.


The system integrator, RV Installations, designed a comprehensive project proposal for installation of an IP video monitoring solution at Bemol. Altogether, 430 cameras were utilized: 405 AXIS M1114, 16 AXIS M1103, and 8 AXIS P1344-E Network Cameras. All cameras are managed using Digifort Professional software provided by Digifort, an Axis partner.


RV installations’ video monitoring proposal has far exceeded Bemol’s expectations. During the first few months of its operation, the system has facilitated the identification of a much larger number of events than recorded by the analog system it replaced. Furthermore, the images captured also help optimize operations: for example, it is now possible to identify those areas that attract the most customers, check for shelves needing to be restocked, and detect in real time which sections require more sales personnel.

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