Modern Sebastian Karpiniuk City Stadium in Kołobrzeg cares about the safety of their fans

“The most important feature of our stadium surveillance system is to increase the safety of people and easy identify offenders, robbery and interference with the course of events. The use of video surveillance security systems to support the sports facilities is a priority and an indisputable tool that monitors and enables quick response to perceived irregularities. Modern network video surveillance solutions are the key to the success and safety of this type of business.“ Janusz Gromek - President of Kołobrzeg.


Kołobrzeg coastal residents have one of the most modern stadiums in the region since June 2011. In April 2010, after the crash of the Polish TU-154 in Smoleńsk, Kołobrzeg City Council passed a resolution, which resulted in the stadium being named after Sebastian Karpiniuk. With a capacity of 41 thousand cubic meters, the stadium has been completely renovated to become a fully professional place to conduct football matches and other forms of recreation. The infrastructure around the stadium has also been upgraded and managed in such a way to be suitable for both fans and athletes. In 2012, together with the large Kołobrzeg hotel base, this venue was one of the Polish accommodation centers at the World Cup, which hosted the representation of Denmark.


mvb, a company from Szczecin specializing in telecommunication security systems, and a partner of the main contractor, was responsible for the performance of a dedicated power supply, LAN infrastructure and sound and video surveillance system in entire facility. All systems and technologies are responsible for security of events that take place at the stadium. They are the perfect tool for improving organization comfort of sporting events, surveillance and prevention of incidents.


The video monitoring system ensures the safety of all stadium users. As one of a number of technical security systems operating, surveillance is applied in three protection zones: protecting the perimeter, which includes the area around the stadium, as well as external and internal zones. The networking system consisting of PTZ and fixed cameras enables continuous monitoring, recording and archiving. This allows a dynamic response to ever-changing threats. Transmission system operators are in constant contact with law enforcement and police and actively support the process of managing the entire infrastructure.

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