Network video surveillance system provides security of historic Town Hall in Kołobrzeg

“The Town Hall in Kolobrzeg required special arrangements with the Provincial Conservator of Historic Monuments. Modern Axis viewing/recording devices met all the architectural requirements and were successfully installed on the facade of City Hall, as well as the interiors of the historic building. Network camera system based on IP protocol safeguard and ensure proper functioning and safety of the City Hall. Professional and open platform is designed and constructed to allow it to be expanded and this is an important argument for the future.“ Janusz Gromek, President of Kołobrzeg Municipality.


Kołobrzeg Municipality works to promote and spread the idea of self-government among the inhabitants. One of the most famous buildings in Kołobrzeg is a historic Town Hall, which today is the seat of the Gallery of Modern Art and Civil Status Office. Due to its purpose, the Town Hall was visited daily by many tourists, inhabitants and officials. As the precious neo Gothic building has been exposed to vandalism, theft and other incidents which could result in lack of personnel and visitors’ safety, the municipality saw a need for a modern surveillance system.


Based on guidelines from Provincial Conservator of Historic Monuments, the security integrator mvb developed and implemented a technical security project, including a network video surveillance system in the historic Town Hall. The modern surveillance system consists of a selection of network cameras from Axis Communications, including high-speed outdoor ready PTZ domes and fixed dome cameras (located in the interior of the building), as well as recording servers by Geutebrück and viewing stations managed by the City Council security services. The transmission of high quality video from recording platforms in the Town Hall, to viewing station in the City Hall is done using a specially created radio bridge.


As a result of choosing a modern network video surveillance Kołobrzeg was able to observe and record people entering and leaving the Town Hall, and to monitor the main roads in the facility. The facility users have got full working comfort and all persons located there are ensured safety. One important advantage of the system is the ability of rapid response to adverse events, and transmission of information to the relevant departments.

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