Russian chain of duty free shops installs a modern CCTV system incorporating Axis network cameras

Yunimaks provides a modern IP CCTV system for RegStaer’s duty-free shops at Vnukovo airport

“For over four years, Axis cameras have been reliably operating in dozens of RegStaer’s dutyfree shops. When we open new branches, we always use the newest generation of Axis products, and every time we purchase new equipment, we can see significant advances in the firm’s technology. This allows us to continually improve the quality of images we work with and enhance the security of our new shops.“ Aleksandr Eloi, RegStaer Group IT department head.


The opening of RegStaer’s new duty-free shops required not only the installation of cameras to provide security for the sales area and display cases, but also the creation of a single CCTV security system that would serve the entire firm. A key objective of this project was to provide continual monitoring of checkout counters. The project involved the installation of CCTV systems in five new shops and the upgrading of the security systems of three existing shops. In addition to providing security for the shops and their merchandise, the cameras had to fulfill an important marketing function as well: assessing and analyzing customer traffic.


Given RegStaer’s desire to have a unified security network for its duty free shops, Axis network cameras and ITV’s Intellekt software were the natural choice for this IP CCTV installation. Prior to the installation of Axis equipment, the analog CCTV systems in the chain’s three other shops were removed. AXIS P1344 Network Cameras now monitor checkout counters in RegStaer’s shops. Surveillance of the retail floor is done using AXIS P3344 Network Cameras, which blend unobtrusively into the contemporary interior design of the new retail spaces.


With the completion of this project, the client now has a unified IP CCTV system that covers all its locations throughout the airport complex. To date, this system employs almost 200 IP cameras, over 150 of which are installed in duty free boutiques, and the remainder provide security for RegStaer’s warehouse and office, which are also located at Vnukovo airport. The combination of AXIS P1344 Network Cameras and Intellekt POS software gives the company an efficient tool for monitoring checkout counter activity in their stores. To facilitate effective surveillance, continuous monitoring, and efficient response to incidents, a separate operator station was created.

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