The A9.CittàSicura project comes to Mosciano Sant’Angelo

The Abruzzo municipality equips itself with an Axis security system thanks to the work of Sic1

“The system, which is already tested and operational, constitutes a valuable protection and prevention tool for ensuring the security and safety of residents, in order to solve many important problems in our city: for example, the monitoring of abandoned waste in rural areas and the identification of the offenders, monitoring of license plates and traffic conditions in restricted traffic zones, offering effective support to the daily activities of the municipal police.“ Mario Filipponi, Municipal Police Chief of Mosciano Sant’Angelo.


Sic1, a public company in the Municipality of Chiaravalle established in October 2005, has the mission of developing and implementing technologically innovative projects aimed at residents, companies and municipal authorities. A9.CittàSicura is a project conceived by Sic1 to develop a system of thorough surveillance of the territory to allow law enforcement to intervene rapidly following criminal activities in a specific area. Sic1, which today has 101 member municipalities, has already implemented 11 projects, with another 8 currently under way in several Italian municipalities. The Abruzzo municipality of Mosciano Sant’Angelo, a member of Sic1 since February 2009, decided to equip itself with a security system to monitor the key at-risk areas of the city, to protect the local artistic heritage, prevent acts of vandalism and crime and improve urban traffic conditions.


Sic1 developed a security system for Mosciano based on Axis network cameras. Axis Communications has been the preferred supplier and partner of the A9 CittàSicura project since its inception, with over 130 network cameras already installed. In Mosciano, 8 network cameras have been installed to monitor the new city hall, the main public squares and certain roads of particularly high sensitivity. A wireless network infrastructure has also been created to link all of the cameras to the operations hub at the Municipal Police headquarters.


Thanks to the IP video surveillance system, the Municipality has been able to resolve some long-standing problems affecting the territory; the cameras have also helped the police in their fight against illegal waste dumping and in the monitoring of traffic flow.

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