The University Restaurant of Paris 8 at Saint-Denis switches to IP

Créteil Academy’s Student Representative Body selects network video for safety and security of its employees and new buildings

“Our choice led directly to network video, because we were previously relying on analog cameras which had an unsatisfactory image quality. Today, the images are clear and ready for use in the event of incidents.“ Mr. Hadad, Director of the Departmental Site of Seine Saint-Denis.


Constructed in 2008, the new buildings of the Saint-Denis CROUS (including a university restaurant and a hall of residence for international students, covering a total of 4,940m²) were originally equipped with a frugal system of black-and-white analog cameras without recording capabilities. Mr. Hadad, Director of the Departmental Site of Seine Saint-Denis, wished to rapidly implement a more high-performance system allowing the identification of possible wrongdoers and the recording of video to ensure the efficient protection of staff, students and buildings.


Vidéoconsult, an Axis partner, was able to win over the decision-makers thanks to its scalable network video solution consisting of 19 cameras filming the different entrances and surroundings of the restaurant and the university’s hall of residence. The ease of use, notably for later searches and remote troubleshooting, as well as the high image quality, helped Vidéoconsult stand out from rival analog offerings.


Mr. Charpentier, Director of University Restaurants at Saint-Denis, expressed his satisfaction with the video surveillance solution installed almost one year ago. The goal of securing employees and buildings has been achieved, and the system also allows for a better understanding of the function of the buildings through the analysis of the flows of people and the sensitive areas.

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