Restaurant opts for high tech surveillance

Chefs In Motion deploys Axis cameras to keep an eye on its establishment.

“The restaurant industry is a highly competitive environment and profit margins are relatively small. This means that every item pilfered and every patron who feels safer elsewhere has an enormous rand value impact – the Axis camera installation has provided first class surveillance that has had a positive influence on my bottom line.“ Mike Varrie, chef and owner, Chefs in Motion.


Chefs In Motion, an up-scale eatery in the leafy suburb of Lonehill, Northern Johannesburg, has been serving mouth-watering meals and providing delectable catering for the past five years. With a constant flow of diners enjoying a private or corporate function, a romantic evening with a loved one or even a few drinks with friends at the spacious bar, the restaurant bustles constantly. Owner and chef, Mike Varrie, believes that the safety and security of his patrons can only enhance their experience of dining out. With the alarming increase in mall and retail store robberies, he believes that it is imperative to adopt a proactive approach to security. Mike opted for a surveillance solution that is not only unequivocally superior but also unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing to replace the existing outdated, inferior analog cameras.


Technonet, a company specializing in network surveillance installations, selected the AXIS M1011 Network Camera for this installation. The functionality, affordability and smart design of these small but powerful cameras make the AXIS M1011 the ideal choice for restaurants, homes and small businesses. The strategically placed AXIS M1011 cameras use progressive scan technology to ensure superb image quality, even whilst people or objects are in motion, without blurring or distortion. Another crucial requirement was the ability to monitor the footage from a remote location as Mike did not want to be bound to his office to view the cameras. Individually configurable video streams in H.264 sustains image quality and frame rate to provide effective streaming from any location, allowing Mike to monitor his restaurant from anywhere at any time.


The reduction of pilferage and stock theft has been a positive, unintentional consequence of the installation. Staff are aware that their behavior is being monitored and this, therefore, decreases the temptation to pocket smaller items that would not normally be missed. The cameras allow for the efficient management of customer complaints and provide additional security for patrons. Another enormous benefit is the ability to have eyes on all parts of the restaurant simultaneously. Instead of having to physically move between stations in the restaurant, Mike is now able to rely on the cameras, leaving far more time to concentrate on what he does best: fill stomachs with delicious cuisine!

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